Sole Food

What you are about to see will not make sense

Yes, it’s dog food in shoes. Not even nice shoes. Crappy shoes. Don’t believe me? Here is a closer look.

“What are you donating today?”

“Oh, just things that get yelled out when improv groups ask for topics.”


One Blog, One Cup

As promised to Patrick here is the Steak n Shake cup that was donated. Please, do not take this as a comment on the Steak n Shake brand or the food they serve. I have enjoyed their steak burgers (or whatever) many times, but the cup that comes free with a purchase of consumable liquid has no resale value.

Good Ol’ Charlie Brown

These are from a Peanuts book called Happiness Is…
1. Happiness is being able to walk home from school without having to worry about getting beaten up .
2. Happiness is a big muscle.
I always new that Peanuts came from a dark place, that Charlie Brown was a stand in for Charles Schulz who always felt like a chronic loser. But good lord. Shouldn’t we expect to not get beaten up while walking home from school?
Also, way to go Linus.

I’d Like to Romp In Her Room

More like Valerie Perv! Am I right? AM I RIGHT?
Seriously, that man wants to tongue kiss that girl.
Creepy cover photo aside, it’s time we discussed the disturbing number of sub-genres that make up the Romance Novel. This is the Single-Mom-Finds-Swinging-Bachelor-Who-Falls-For-Her-And-Her-Child sub-genre. Not to be confused with the Woman-And-Man-Have-One-Night-Stand-And-Get-Pregnant-Then-Fall-In-Love sub-genre. I’m not making any of this up.
Special note to Patrick. I know I said that the Steak n Shake cup would be the next post, but I’m too lazy to find my USB cable and hook up my camera. So, we’ve got this. But I swear it’s coming. Just like Raquel after Tanner impales her with his turgid member.