Ist das nicht ein Dicke Frau?

Oh. Oh ho ho ho! I see what they’ve done. Because record means…and it’s on a…HAHAHAHA!*

*This is the first time the German language has ever been funny.


Mountain Top Water Drop

Yes, it’s every child’s favorite misshapen, botched Easter egg…er…runaway raindrop.
What are you running from Drippy? Is your purple-ish color due to some sort of toxin? Have you poisoned someone and are now on the lam before the feds can catch up to you? Are you in violation of some EPA regulations? Why are you wearing a diaper?
All of these questions can be found in The Adventures of Drippy the Runaway Raindrop by Sidney Sheldon and Mary Sheldon, illustrated by Alexandra Sheldon. The question that goes unanswered: What was this family thinking?

Oh Hey, Guys

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting months for: a new What Good Will This Do? post. This isn’t a full-on post. But just a little something something to wet your whistle. The WGWTD warehouse is overflowing with a backstock of quippable donations and it’s time to get excited. Tell your friends, family, loved ones, c0-workers and neighbors. We look forward to rolling out some quality product in the near future.
In the mean time, psych yourself up by reading some old posts and listening to music. Might I recommend some Blue Fuckin’ Cantrell?