That Horse Movie

In the tradition of Stand By Me, but with a horse instead of a dead guy and these fuckers instead of River Phoenix. Starring Ronnie Caldwell who hasn’t been in anything else.

It really says “In the tradition of Stand By Me” which is a pretty ballsy claim considering that the entire cast and crew have three movies among them, with a majority (two) of those being credited to Kimberly Gough.


The Duke

Coming soon to the Criterion Collection Home Video, McLintock: the Producer’s Cut.

That woman doesn’t look to eager to be holding John Wayne’s hand. Maybe the producer added in a rape scene.

The Boondock Saints of Wedding Comedies

According to the IMDB page Best Men is up 5% in popularity this week (presumably from me searching for it), and the “Goofs” page simply reads, “the movie.”

This star packed (and I assume direct-to-DVD) smash hit gives you an idea of how messed up the 90’s really were. Dean Cain and Andy Dick received top billing over Drew Barrymore and Luke Wilson. Best Men came out right after Lois & Clark ended, in the midst of Newsradio‘s run,
the year before The Wedding Singer and Rushmore. Yes, 1997 was a pivotal year for 4 out of 5 people in this movie.

And the director also did Half Baked, Billy Madison, and worked with NWA and is married to Beastie Boy Mike D. Best Men has so much going for it. Somebody watch it and let me know if it’s any good.